Have you seen the prices of Polaroid SX70's lately? Or HOLGAS?? Or even original Diana's??

Impossible and Lomography are carried in places like Urban Outfitters. They introduce "young" artists to film and from there the "young" artists start to explore.

"You're shooting film?" their friends ask? And all of that attention makes them crave more. So they start looking at SLR's, instant cameras, and the almighty Hasselblad.

Before you know it, you're in a bidding war with a 12 yr old who wears skinny jeans and can spend his entire paycheck on that Hasselblad because he doesn't have grown up bills yet.

Prices have dramatically increased just in the short two years that I've been shooting film again - that's undeniable. But what I find interesting is how fast the younger photographers are catching on.

I sold four or five film cameras to an 18yr old in TN when I de-gassed my collection this last go round. And he regularly PM's me to see if I'm ready to sell more!