Yes, it goes low. I've added marks on the controller to get me in the ball park then it's just a mater of dialing it in. I start by filling it with tap water a little above the required temperature and by the time the fill is complete it is just about right. Ambient temp makes a difference, if it's winter and the house is cooler my thermostat setting is usually a little higher than my mark. It isn't a walk away type setup though; if you walk away for a half hour you may find your temperature has change by several degrees. I Initially check every 5 minutes or so and make fine adjustments to the controller as necessary. After a few cycles of checking and adjusting it will hold the temperature for the entire development process.

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So the low setting (presumably) holds the temp low enough for the color chemicals? I tested our slow cooker, a different make, and the lowest, stabilized temperature was around 120F.