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Could be interesting. Sounds like time to try some 4x5 contact prints. How high does it need to be heated, do you think?
The simple answer is, "I have no idea". The thought experiment is straightforward though. B&S quote their Potassium Chloroplatinite as being a 20% solution, and this is fully dissolved at room temperature. By mixing Potassium Chloroplatinite powder into very hot water it should be possible to dissolve more than 20% w/v. I don't know how hot "very hot" is nor do I know how much more "more than 20%" is. The same approach should work for the other solutions in the mix.

The challenge I foresee is keeping everything hot enough to avoid crystallisation during coating, exposure and development. And of course the benefits, if any, could be outweighed by the difficulty and cost.