To anyone reading, its worth while having at least a 2 stop spread in film maybe even 50 and 400 when using a Bronica. I think its more of a problem having over fast film, as you can always use a tripod, whereas the other way round, you will need ND filters. We chatted with a local who had lived in the area a long time, who said the weather is getting more extreme. I was staying in Mousehole, and shot 5 and a bit rolls off. I can recommend a cottage Trecarrell, and would actually aim at going off season for more dramatic skies. Hopefully, I have some night shots of the harbour area, some shots from walking in the sunshine (3 lenses, two backs, tripod and a toddler on my back, for a military yomp across Lands End) and other tourist photos. I have not developed the films yet!