This marks a sad milepost for those that love film. Kodak is dismantling Building 29 that housed multiple photographic film coating machines that at one time made almost every type of Kodak color and black-and-white film. Motion picture print film was made in the building as recently as 2011. Sadly I am not aware of any photographs of the equipment in the building. Kodakís only film quality production coating machine will be near-by in Kodak Rochesterís Building 38. I am glad that I was able to thoroughly document the Building 38 coating machine in my book, Making Kodak Film. There is a link on APUG.

You can see from the photographs that there are large holes in the side of Building 29 for installing equipment that are now used for tossing the scrap to the ground. Debris is sorted into piles near the building.

The bad news is that the volume has declined so that the machines are no longer needed. The good news is that Kodak still has a film coating machine. The films made today are the best ever.