Sinar relatively long-ago patented their little groundglass-marky yaw-free Scnoodleplug system, which was in fact convenient for certain types of studio tabletop applications. I forgot how to use it equally as
fast, since in the field there are soooo many subjective variables to the whole game, and the choice
as how exactly to best employ tilts and swings is really a case-by-case esthetic decision, one which
involves the overall look on the groundglass itself. I'd get totally confused if the image was even
right side up! (not really). Then at another point Sinar made a totally servo-controlled adjustment system so you could send a view camera into the hot zone of a nuke facility or whatever and control it
via external computer tether (prior to I-phones!). It was a commercial bellyflop. Not everyone feels deprived if they don't have the ability to launch an ICBM from a pad next to their backyard BBQ
while simultaneously doing stock trades from the same handheld device. Maybe time to get a life.