The only plastic ones I've used are the screw on type, and I preferred them for that reason. But they also seemed to deform less than the metal ones which can easily warp and become un-light tight (while the plastic are, well, more plastic and seem less prone to warping.) I have also dropped the metal ones on the spool and had the cap pop right off, which has never happened when I've dropped the plastic ones.

Disclaimer - my experience with metal film cartridges dates from the 1980s and was pretty brief before a friend recommended the plastic, which I was happier with and have used ever since. It's quite possible today's metal ones are better. I don't use much of either anymore as the savings from bulk loading are much less than they used to be. I do load some Arista branded Tri-X though, partly because I like shorter loads than 36x for the stuff I usually use it for.

I have never had any problem with static or dust with the plastic. I can see it as a possibility but it seems a stretch to me in practice. I blow out the felt with canned air and keep them in sealed bags when not in use.