I've been away from silver gelatin printing for a while. I know the landscape has changed, alot, since I last did it. It wasn't something I was terribly worried about as I was off in alt process and large format la-la-land. I've rediscovered the joy of working with roll film in the guise of my Rolleiflex, and so I'm wanting to get back in to enlarging silver prints. As I see the range of available papers, there's:
  • Ilford 300 Fine Art
  • Ilford Multigrade
  • Ilford Multigrade Warmtone
  • Bergger VC Warmtone
  • Bergger VC Cooltone
  • Foma Fomatone
  • Foma Fomabrom
  • Slavich
  • Fotochemika Varykon
  • Arista Silver Artist
  • Arista EDU Ultra
  • Oriental
  • Adox
  • Kentmere

Am I missing any options? I'm more partial to warmtone papers than coldtone, because I can always make a warmtone paper go cold if I want to, but not the other way round. I prefer glossy/semi-gloss/pearl to matte, and I'm only interested in fiber papers. When I did a lot of silver, I was very partial to Bergger VCCB, but #1, I don't know that it's the same paper any more - they used to have Forte coat it for them, but Forte is long gone. If memory serves, Ilford is doing the coating for them now, and #2, the price has gone up (along with everything else). If I can get results that I'd like from alternate papers, I'd be happy to switch to something more economical. Please respond with opinions, and if possible, attach scans to support your contentions! Thanks!