Outside of the office building where I'm working, a building was recently demolished. It was called the King Cat, and it was struggling to survive. One screen, showing an assortment of old and odd films. And then progress came.

Progress comes for many things, including Kodak. Unfortunately, Kodak never was on the ball when it comes to reacting to change.

Here's something that Kodak could do: long term data archival services. Using what material? Film, of course. Kodak, back in the 1960s, built a write-once digital data storage machine for the CIA. (Wired magazine might have the article, I don't remember.) There's all kinds of Government regulations that mandate that corporate data must be accessible for X decades. Kodak could run a long-term storage service, where that data would be written to film and be put in cold storage. That would be an absolute cash cow.

But instead Kodak always has this Alfred E. Neuman-esque "What, me worry?" attitude. Oh, well.