Scott- I agree with Bob, on the Ilford. There's something to be said about not worrying about availability.

A paper which hasn't been mentioned, but may interest you is the David Lewis bromoil paper. It's matte, though (and Grade 2 only). It's non-supercoated, and fairly priced (around $100 for 100 sheets 8x10). I've only used it for my (so far) pathetic bromoil attempts, but before tanning, it was very nice. As I've only used it for the purpose of creating a bromoil matrix, I can't speak to it's toning properties.

I have a few of the papers you've listed. If you'd like, I'd be glad to get you a few sheets of each. I think I can offer Ilford MGIV (glossy and matte), MGWT (semi-matte), Art 300, David Lewis, and Foma Variant 112 (matte- 7.5x9 inch, if I recall correctly).