I agree with Bob on the three Ilford papers, they are outstanding all three. My personal favourite among them is Multigrade Warmtone. I have also tried a few sheets of the new Berger VC Warmtone which I feel is as good as MGWT but with a slightly different warmtone character. The new ADOX MCC 110 is also a top class paper, in between MGIV and MGWT when it comes to image tone. Perhaps a litle closer to MGIV than MGWT. It is almost identical to the old AGFA MCC 111 , but coated on a clean white base.
Don't forget that ILFORD GALERIE is also available in grades two and three. If you have a negative with normal contrast that doesn't require split grade printing, GALERIE beats all the rest.
Ilford 300 fine art is a superb warmtone paper for those who like a textured surface, but as you seem to prefer glossy surface I don't think it will be your primary choice.
It is a good thing that there are still so many papers on the market that you will have a hard time to decide. Good luck !