I'm lacking a formal darkroom sink, and it really inhibits my ability to wash my prints.

So today I started thinking about how I can build something that is lightweight, water tight, and has a drain hose that I can place in the existing sink. I need something long enough to hold three processing trays and a print washer.

So I thought about forming a fiberglass sink myself, but that would be too heavy to set up and take down each time I wanted to work. (I have to tear down because I use the laundry room.)

And then I thought about those big Sterilight bins. The cheap ones from the dollar store or Walmart? I thought that perhaps I could cut the ends off of three of them and glue them together somehow and then silicone the seams so that its water tight. Or even two of those long, shallow ones that fit under your bed.

Any ideas on what to use, or how to get this done? I'm thinking superglue and tub/tile caulk.

Here is a crude diagram of my idea.