I dunno about that.... For one thing, TMY is a 400-speed film and is just about as close to an ideal film
for 8x10 as anything that has come along yet, at least in terms of a one-film-does-it-all (nothing really
does that, but it's the closest thing yet for me). It's becoming the modern equivalent to Super-XX, the
thing you reach for first because you know you can count on it in all kinds of lighting and wind and
darkroom conditions. My wife was tallying up my film purchases last nite per tax returns, nearly all of it still in the freezer. It's like money in the bank. Most of it I bought at dramatically below the going rate in effect today, and it will probably be good for at least a decade, though I plan to rotate new inventory in bit by bit to keep everything relatively fresh. I shoot it mainly in 8x10 and for 35mm snapshooting. But 5x7 has such a beautiful proportion that it would be a shame if everyone had to cut
their own sheets to this size. It has fine enough grain to optimize 5x7, while still offering speed.