Oh, man! Most all of them are so neatly designed, it's hard to decide. That's one thing I really like about (analog) photography: working with quality instruments, designed to serve and built with pride to last.

I've always liked the ergonomics vs. functionality of the >>Canon A1<<, and like many others, >>spotmatics<< and - my favorite camera overall, >>Nikkormat FTn<< (or is it Ftn, or FTN, PhD, pH, or something else?? - dang I'm getting old, I forget, and I don't care).

Oh yeah (looking above) - the XA, too. And, despite the failure rate, which is high, the Soviet Lomo LC-A (copy of a Cosina with very slight changes) is superb (before the shutter fails). I could take that around with me in the xUSSR in the early 1990s (before the 'lomographics', btw) and make great clandestine street photos with one hand (take from pocket, open, prefocus, shoot, close, return to pocket in a few seconds)...

I like the >>Linhof Color<<, too... And the <<Sinar P>> I just bought seems good, though it makes me want a >>Norma<<... I think I like the <<RB67>>, too - I find it very >>manly<<