I made a partial sink.
It was a sink w 3 sides, and 2 hinged legs. 1/2 plywood bottom and 1x4 sides.
It sat over the toilet, and the 2 legs would be next to the wall, the open end of the sink rested on the edge of the sink counter.
When I was done printing, the legs folded up, and I rested it against the wall.
I painted it with epoxy paint.
The only thing is because it isn't a real sink, I could not put water in it. It was just to catch the dripping when I used the trays. Although I could have closed the 4th side and put in a drain with a tube to a bucket, and that would make it into a sink.

Using the plastic tubs would be a problem. When you move it, there is a good likelihood of the seams breaking.
Unless you put it onto something rigid like a sheet of 1/2 plywood, which would minimize the stress on the seams.