Do what I did, made a tray stacker. the trays above each other. You could use kitty litter trays for a water bath for the chemical trays. I made one 2 trays high, the third sitting on the base. It was 16x 20 for trays and extended back on slope so you could access the lower trays. Dev on top, stop under the fix. I used the sink to wash the prints under neath the tray stacker. To make you cut the bases all the same 3 @ 18 x 22. then you make 4 uprights say 4 x 18 these are screwed to the sides of the bases. You stagger the bases/shelves back say 4 -8 inches back to give you access to each tray. Maybe some rubber feet to protect the surface. I place mine on the laundry sink. The shelf height depends on the depth of your trays. you don't need to watch the stop and fix as much as the dev. You could place on the washer. hope this helps, I cut mine up when I built my 10 x 20 darkroom, if you wish I can draw something and scan and send?