I've got three camera stores within an hour's drive. Peoria Camera Shop says 2-3 weeks for E-6 and last time I checked, they wanted $18 USD to develop a roll of 36. Last time I had The Camera Corner (in Bloomington) develop a roll of 36, it took 2 weeks and cost $15 USD. This is just straight develop and mount, no scans. Wal-Mart/Fuji has raised prices, they are now $10.96 USD, plus tax, and takes 16 days (Fuji forwards E-6 to Dwayne's). Creve Coeur Camera sends it to their lab in St. Louis, where they charge $11 USD ($9.90 if you're a VIP customer, which I am - I more than make up for the membership fees in film savings) for develop and mount. Last time I had CCC develop for me, I also had them push 2 stops and scan to CD and it cost $11.88 USD, tax included and I had my slides and CD back in my hands in 8 days (ordinarily it's 7 but I asked for a push so it took 'em an extra day).

I could go to Better Image in Champaign, but that's 1.5-2 hours away and would be a special trip, where I'm in Springfield 5 days a week so its no big deal to swing by Creve Coeur Camera.