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I do wonder why I post here sometimes, thirty two years staring into the ground glass. To have aback light screen for a formula with a screen you can enlarge to view, save having to wear glasses, or maybe even carry a torch. Maybe to some people need to think before they express a view towards a person. maybe you need a soap box on a corner guys.

You do have a valid point.

What formula, exactly? Scheimpflug is theory with interconnected, often oppositional elements that cannot be understood without practising visually. A formula, if there is one, will not provide you with the means to make a better photograph, but quite possibly one that you are not happy with.

Thirty-two years staring at ground glass will have told you how important it is to ignore distractions and concentrate on the correct and valid alignment to produce the image you wish to. I would not give a piss about formulae or theorums when concentrating on the scene before me. Why would you want to do it?

What others have added is their prerogative; what I had said and explained was proferred in the hope of understanding what you are trying to do, and why. That has not been advanced, and those here that are genuinely interested...we are none the wiser.