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I wonder whether "Do not recommend" is one of those phrases that has a slightly different meaning in England then it tends to have in North America?

I ask, because I tend to understand it as being equivalent to "recommend against".
It depends. If they actually say "we do not recommend" then, I agree, that's a recommendation against. And that is what Ilford says, but not necessarily the way it was reported here.

But when someone says "Ilford does not recommend..." to me that implies that they are saying nothing. If I wanted to convey that they were recommending against it I would say either "Ilford recommend(s) against.." or "Ilford say(s) that they do not recommend..." or even "Ilford explicitly say(s) that a presoak is not recommended."

The different usage of singular or plural forms for a company that is one entity but made up of many individuals is one difference that never really confuses, but of which I'm sure our version sounds as odd to you as yours does to us!

This, though, is quibbling over semantics. When using a Jobo you must either go against the recommendation of the manufacturer of the rotary processor or against the recommendation of the film maker. I suspect it really doesn't make much difference, as long as your development times are adjusted accordingly.