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Kodak was Perfection itself!

I've had issues with Ilford's QC. In the 90's I've had badly streaked negatives. It was so bad that it must have been a sabotage by an employee or a defective machine scratching the films. 15 years later I found out I wasn't the only one, thanks to the internet.
Also, my HP5 films behave differently from time to time. I'm not sure what to think about that. It's still my favorite film, though.

All in all, I trust Ilford 100% and I love their products. But i've run into QC issues.
And I miss their plastic bulk rolls packaging. I ised to collect them and they were enough a reason for me to choose Ilford films over Kodak's and their tin cans.

To get back on topic, I used ilfosol-3 for 11 rolls of Pan-F and 12 rolls of FP-4. Lovely results. I haven't had such nice results in a long while.
I also used ilfosol-3 on HP5 a few years back from which I printed 20x24s just last week. Deep blacks and very sharp grain. Ilfosol-3 is one very underestimated developer.
I think their QC has gotten a lot better in recent years.

I have to agree the Ilfsol 3 really is a great developer, just expensive in large ribs. HOWEVER (and I don't recommend doing this but..) I've successfully re-used the developer up to 6 times not just one shot with a 30 second increase each dev without much change in the films outcome. Shocking! But I wouldn't do this without personal testing and doing it all in the same day. Just nice to know it CAN be economical to use. But yes, great developer!


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