Am in the beginning stages of planning an extended trip to Africa, ideally next year (either Feb/Mar or Aug/Sept). At the moment my main focus is on South Africa and Namibia, although I'm well aware of the possibilities further north and east. As I am more of a generalist-type photographer, I hope to be able to see and photograph a mix of things while I'm there, although probably the two most important elements would be wildlife and landscapes. I love the idea of going there with my Bronica and shooting black and white film there like Nick Brandt, but the reality is that I could not afford the private guides and drivers to undertake such a proposition, nor am I the photographer he is.

In all likelihood I'll be travelling by myself, so at the moment I'm trying to figure out how feasible it would be to do a trip that would be photographically rewarding (I don't just mean time of year/location but also being able to access the right light in the right places without breaking the bank), and that would be doable in an all-film capacity. The former is more of a problem of finances and compromises when joining a group tour, the latter more about strict weight limits on airlines and being able to bring enough film to cover what I want to photograph over 1-2 months. Most websites recommend ditching the film camera for digital, and I understand that for this kind of location/trip, but I don't want to do that for obvious reasons. Regardless, I would likely have to invest in better (and longer) lenses, so that's where most of my photo money would be going in any event.

Anyway, I'm just curious if there's anyone out there who's done a photographer-friendly trip out that way (doesn't necessarily have to be South Africa/Namibia) with film, and if they have any suggestions about doing the kind of trip I'm proposing.

FWIW, the film cameras I'm most likely to take are my Nikon (F100) with either a second identical body or the Bronica. I know it's more cumbersome but I would really prefer the larger negative, and I'm not necessarily out there to shoot exactly the same kind of shots that everyone else gets.