Hello All,

I have a box of Portra B&W paper designed to be developed in RA4 chemistry.

I'm not sure how old it is but the instructions inside say to treat it like Supra III paper so I suppose it's of that vintage. The Olympics 'worldwide sponsor' logo is on the box.

The paper was bought at Nova Darkroom from their bargain box quite a few years ago I think and it's sat unused in the darkroom until today. I didn't think it would give good results but I was really surprised to see a really nice image and bright white borders. I have some Supra Endura which is 18 months out of date and the borders are yellowing - not much but it's apparent when placed next to fresh MGIV for example.

So my question, is it just a fluke that this Portra paper has lasted better than newer paper or was it completely different beast compared to colour RA4?