PS - yes, I've heard Ken Ruth does a great job converting Medalists and Chevrons to take 120 film - but for the cost I'd just buy a suitable camera that takes 120 film...[/QUOTE]

I agree about conversions to 120 on he Medalist. Not needed for me at least. I have a stash of old 620 spools and find "rolling my own" no big problem. I do know Ken does nice work whether it be a Medalist conversion or a overhaul, but I just don't think it's that needed. I have a beautiful Kodak Chevron sitting in front of me right now that I converted to 120 film and it works like it was made for 120 film. It was pretty simple and came out perfect! I also know that for me to attempt to do the same conversion to a Medalist would involve much, much more work. I'm with you Andy and have many other cameras already taking 120 film so why goof my Medalist. I say goof, because even Ken's conversion will alter a side roller on your camera. Now, if I used the Medalist everyday and it was my only "user" 120 then maybe the conversion would be worth it? JohnW