Hello Apug.

Pictures of Everything I'm selling is here:


I'm selling a wonderful and quite rare german Rocca Montanus Super Reflex TLR with a fast 80mm Rodenstock f2.8! Trinar viewing and taking lenses.
The good news is that the lenses are in good condition, the mirror is great and the viewfinder is nice and bright. The bad news is that ideally the shutter will need a CLA since it's sticking a little at the slow speeds, and the slow speeds are way too slow. Also there's some very slight seperation on the very edge of the taking lens. It wont have any effect on performance, since it's out of the image area, but it should be mentioned.
The camera comes with it's original leather case. These Typically go for anything between 200-400 euros on ebay. I would like to get 100 euros plus shipping for this camera.

I'm also selling a freshly CLA'd Black canonet QL17 GIII rangefinder camera. The camera was CLA'd a month ago by Miles Whitehead in the UK, so everything works as intended. Cosmetics are ok. There's some brassing and the the bottom plate has three small dents in it. A great camera, I would use it if it wasn't because I prefer slightly bigger cameras. I would like to get 125 euros plus shipping for this camera.

I live in Denmark but ship worldwide. I take paypal only. Please add 3% to the final price to help cover the fees, or mark payment as a gift.

Rocca_1.jpg Canonet_1.jpg