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...I don't see the point either. This camera is about being small and light and easy to carry and use handheld, all of which would be worked against by a big, expensive lens. The biggest reason to get an SA over an Angulon is coverage. I want a SA or Fuji or Nikkor etc. equivalent for just that reason as I'm always running out of coverage with my Angulon. But this isn't a factor with the Wanderlust. If you aren't using movements and you stop down to f/16 or more and don't shoot into strong backlighting you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between the SA and A with most sized enlargements.

However, you might find it difficult to shoot handheld (at least at iso 100) if your maximum desired aperture is f/16. None the less, I'd agree and even consider the 90mm Optar and just use faster film.

This is reminiscent of the Gowland Aerial 4x5, which he sold new for about $600 (many years ago).

Now we need an inexpensive but relatively accurate optical finder. I'm thinking something like the simple, plastic Russian 85mm finder - but sized for 90mm on 4x5. Maybe a 35mm viewfinder (for 35mm camera) would work well enough; you'd have less than 100% on the vertical axis but that might make up for any lack of alignment between lens and viewfinder. Time to dig through my "stuff" box.

If they're stalled on reaching their goal, they should add "lomagraphy" and "iOS compatible" as keywords.