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As a new user of Hasselblad equipment, trying to judiciously add to the kit, I am wondering why there is so much difference in pricing with the older chrome and newer black 250mm lenses. The lens addition would be for a 500 C/M kit which currently includes a 60mm, 80mm and 150mm. In 35mm I'm fond of a Tamron SP 180mm f2.5 and am thinking the 250, in Hasselblad, would come close to the same look. There is a budget and I do use lens hoods. Any compelling reason to not buy the chrome lens? Bill Barber
The chrome ones usually have a simpler coating, (which can look really nice in the print, by the way). With a lens hood you probably can't tell much difference between the silver and the black T*, but without it the T* would be a little bit less susceptible to lens flare.
Many great photographers have made many amazing portraits with an old silver 250. Either of them use the Synchro Compur shutter, for which it's almost impossible to find parts. CF and newer lenses have a good supply still, which is reflected in the price.