I've spent a fair amount of my life helping people find simple solutions to complex problems, and I've
worked with engineers at times to get these kinds of things to market. On the other hand, there is a
class of engineers out there where seem to make job security synonymous with constanting coming up
with something redundant. This is what the very survival of the consumer electronics industry depends
on - one new gadget making the last one obsolete or fuddy-duddy as fast as possible. Now I'm not suggesting that Schnoodlephlug is a hot enough topic to engender this kind of attention. And if one has
a legitimate need for something like this, fine. But the way it's been phrased, it just sounds like someone new to the concept, and in this respect, ten seconds actually looking into a groundglass is a
heck of a lot more efficient that fooling around with some gadget and still having the check the glass
afterwards anyway. But some people are just addicted to gadgets. I'd prefer to save the money for film.