There's a stack of cards on my desk that keeps nagging me to comment on them. And rightfully so.

Let's go through the stack, starting with Mike Wilde's threesome. Craftsmanship as always, the things you manage to do with old paper, it never ceases to amaze me. Take the Korean War Veteran's Memorial, for example. Lots of shadow details in the trees, full tonal range; very well executed. Avra's eyes and face also keep attracting my attention. As does anikin's not-so-everyday shot of a utility pole in the middle of the road. Funny thing, that. The paper also has a nice feel and look to it, what paper is it? Jim17x's couple of ducks I also like very much. Spent my childhood living at the waterfront, so this picture surely evokes memories. The ducks, the low hanging leaves, the ripples in the water bringing out the sun's reflection, lovely. Which can also be said of mooseontheloose's "What remains". Lovely. Dreamy. Eerie. I hope you never run out of HIE stock, you keep amazing me with beautiful photos. drpsilver (hang in there, Darwin, hope it all works out OK for your mother, your father and you) sends a photo of a cairn in Italy, lovely detail, it's almost as if I can touch those rocks. rince's fleeting moment, the photo and the story come together to form a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. One detail though, from a keen observer: it looks like a mirror image, from the text on the lock. Works for me, but I'm just wondering if it was meant that way. ozphoto, Drew, a very nice portrait, a bit mangled by the postal system somewhere en-route, but that's all in the game of the exchange. I must admit there's a bit of a dichotomy here, the headgear that obviously goes with the uniform versus the mention of the shaved head. Well, some mystery should remain, I suppose. ChristopherCoy's card arrived today, made me hungry. That looks like a nice breakfast, I'm sure that would set me up to go go go for a few hours. Nice framing, just the part of the face, I like it.

That's 8 out of 20 received, not taking into consideration any cards that I may have temporarily misplaced . Thanks so far, looking out for more exciting cards!