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Sounds like an imminent price increase to me. That's why I Jobo.
You Jobo because prices might go up?! Wouldn't it make more sense to wait for the actual increase? I've never found a means of processing C-41 that was a cost savings over Walmart send out service. If you get just developing for 220 it's something like 88₵. Isn't a new Jobo $3,000?!

I do send my special rolls to various premium labs. I look at my Walmart rolls as rolls I wouldn't have shot otherwise. Wherever they send them uses a roller system. I have had faint scratches in the periphery from that, but other than that they are perfectly developed. You get what you pay for. Most frames once you scan them in with a little digital ice are fine.

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Personally I would be especially paranoid something bad would happen at walmart before or after processing.
It sits in a kiosk until it's picked up. When it comes back it sits in a metal cabinet till you pick it up. It's a nice service for amateurs. I've never had a problem other than the the usual issues with roller systems but that issue has nothing to do with Walmart.