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I call BS on two seconds lol, however you might just be counting fast, I can see ALMOST a second perhaps


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The picture of the graff materials is AT LEAST 2 seconds. I initially wrote 3 because that's what was in my notes, but I figured that I probably counted fast, so wrote 2.

I don't take offence to you calling BS...I would do that same if I had not have been the photographer. But look at the depth of field. I was shooting at f11 in a tunnel with 400 film, no pushing so I wouldn't blow the highlights out in the background too much. The first one is 1 second for sure. I have a few shots from that same angle (with the same settings) and have everyone blurry because of movement. This one just happened that the two guys in the back are spraying left to right and the frontman is standing somewhat still and looking at his piece. This is why it doesn't look like there's motion -their bodies weren't moving and their arms were doing more slight and fine, back and forth detail, rather than long lines.

I didn't post this as a "hey, look how long my exposure is" contest. I'm not that vain, nor that confident in my photo skills to try and strut around this forum like I'm king S&^# of photography. I'm simply showing what is my personal best shots with a long exposure to show what's possible.