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I am a panoramic-rotating panoramic camera-photographer.
In my roundshot 65/70/220 i can use 120/220 and 70mm film(perforated or unperforated).
I have both the special 2517(172cm lenght 70mm) reel by jobo and a ro-kit 5037(3075 reel and 3035 drum. 2517 reel can be used together with testdrum 2520(500ml).

Problem is one needs the rotating machine.
But this genious idea came to me:
Cut down 70mm film to120/220 after shooting. xkaes(xkaes at aol.com) has or can be made all kind of cutters.
i have the one cutting center-section down leaving perforation-remains on both side. Not good for labs-it could destroy their machine. cutting down only one side would be better.
If you want to use b+w, ilford announced delta 100 and hp5 plus 70mm unperforated for the end of 2013.
so xkaes can also deliver a cutter(maybe for this one one must wait 2 months) which cuts only one side, leaving full perforation on one side. if color-film is used and external lab then this is THE solution.

I developped a lot of 70mm films with one single 2517-reel in testdrum 2520 and jobo cpa2. even slide film-E6.
Roundshot takes 70mm cartridges. can take up up to 6.5m film -thin vericolor hc or agfa avipan 200s or whatever thins film.
to load 70mm film i have an alden bulk-film load with removed counter(could scratch film). of course during shooting i must exactly know where to pause and "cut" the film there afterwards on to 172cm lenght jobo 2517 reel.
I also did presoaking film with water in fear of uneven developping. even slidefilm(they say its not appropriate).
i never had any problem.
Only in my older cpa2(i now have a second one) i found some weak mechanics behind the knobs of the command-module. thats why i have interrupted one of the functions(dont remember which one and i have bad access to the jobo now)in fear the mechanisme could stop during work. and yes, jobo confessed that the new rotator cpp3 has some weak parts in cpp2 or cpa2 solved. In another thread about hewes reel taking 220 film i have just read here that some cpa2 have a weaker motor. would be good to know which SNs.
If someone is buying cutter from xkaes pls open a new thread, so we could buy together and let him produce it quicker than these two months. paying is in advance. around 40 usd. search filmslitter. there is a website.

How long is 220 film?

Linhof 70 Umwickler 002513(maybe 2514-the guide is incl. in 002513) as darkroom-alternative to the dailight-Alden Bulk film loader 70mm.
there was someone in germany at ebay.de who had multiples of this item until 2012 for really cheap-35euro or less. I could ask to whom he has sold all the remaining ones.They were very expensive.575 /95 chf in 1988 if the film-guide is incl. then only 575 chf in total listprice without taxes.
Not having the 15 ft. drumkit is not a big mess. a big mess is dealing with the needed 1.5lt chemistry in job rotating-machine. above all with color. calculate the limited 1lt-slots.
Testdrum 2820 (for 10x40cm prints) not 2520