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if you do SEND OUT to fuji labs, instead of having your film processed in the store
i was told by fuji .. they return your 120 film. it is forwarded to dwaynes in kansas
as a special order ... if it is 35mm b/w same thing ... the only thing walmart won't return
( according to fuji ) is 35mm c41 ...
I confirmed this. They return films except 135 C-41. I sent out through Walmart in mid-Feb. this year 120 C-41 & E6, and 135 BW & E6. Not a problem. The envelops said they won't return negatives. But again, that only applies to 135 C-41.

And the price I got (as of Feb./March this year) was so great as quoted on the Web: $4.88/$6.88 for 120/135 E6, <$2 for 120 C-41 plus prints.

So if someone has more recent experience (than OP's), please kindly update.