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Just checked - $63000 pledged of a $75000 goal, and 21 days to go......

Better order a viewfinder for myself - looks like I'm getting a new camera for Christmas!

Geuss it's a good thing I kept my 90mm Angulon when I got my 90mm WA Optar :-) Just with I knew what happened to the 90mm Linhof Angulon I had? Apparently being a Linhof "selected" one they are sharper!
The "Linhof Selected" is a bit of an urban legend without evidence to prove it correct or not. Yes, Linhof did pick through the Schneider production run and select certain lenses, and then put their name on it. I seriously doubt that Schneider's manufacturing QC would be so erratic that the "Linhof Select" lenses would be radically better than the normal production run. If there were that much variation, I doubt Linhof would have been using them to supply lenses in the first place. It's 99% marketing hype. I won't utterly deny their claims that they did additional QC on the lenses to come up with the best of the best, but it's the difference between 99% and 99.5%. They MAY be better, but it's not an observable order of magnitude better.