Selling a large Gitzo aluminum tripod. $190

I'm going to try this as local first...due to size and weight, but I may ship later. It's hard to find a box for these, and the shipping can be bit expensive.

So, paypal or cash work fine for me.

I suspect this is a series 4 or series 5, but the Gitzo sticker has disappeared at some point, as it usually does.

This is a 3 section aluminum tripod. Legs will splay so it is nearly flat. Tripod is heavy duty and can hold up to a 8x10 camera, or anything below. Will include removable double ended geared column, which was an optional extra, flat plate, and standard short column.

It is in very nice shape, with a few nicks and scratches near the top, and the legs open and close smoothly, with intact level.

Will also include tripod socks, which have preserved the legs very well.

Measures approximately 30 inches closed, and 73 inches with legs extended.