The answer is unequivocally, YES... but just like anything else in the world of printmaking, the devil is
in the details. It all depends on the specifics and whether or not you have the time and committment to
learn the ropes of fine printing. And you will need to find the sweet spot between your chosen subject
matter, an appropriate fim, and and appropriate paper. This requires some experimentation. The wonderful thing about printing color in the darkroom is that you have to think about what you are doing.
People nowadays just assume they can instantly do anything by clicking a mouse a few time, and you
know the saying, "garbage in- garbage out". Quality takes time and thoughtfulness regardless of your
technique or chosen equipment. But if you are even remotely considering a color darkroom the very most important thing you first need to have is good ventilation. The chemicals are not mild like those
typically used in black-and-white printing. But otherwise, the equipment investment need not be
extreme. Modern RA4 color printing is quite simple. Learning how to judge and use color is an altoghether different subject. Most of these Fauxtoshop hyper-saturation idiots nowadays confuse color with noise - they crank up the color volume so high, they in effect become deaf.