Scanning does tend to exaggerate grain, especially if the negatives are a little thin. I'm not familiar with the film and nobody seems to be quite sure what it is---possibly some version of the HP5+ or Kentmere 400 emulsion on a different base, if you believe online discussions of the question, but there's no consensus. That level of uncertainty makes it pretty hard to say anything with confidence about what behavior to expect from the film, IMHO.

The silver grains don't know what size image they're in; a 35mm-size crop from your MF frames should be exactly as grainy as the same film in 35mm, and the full frame should be correspondingly less grainy for a given print size, if you see what I mean. And in *general* faster films tend to be grainier, but there's a lot of variation between films of the same speed.

If you're finishing in d*g*t*l, and you don't like what your scanner does with the grain of this film, then I guess there it is, but if you're also targeting wet prints it would be good to judge the apparent graininess of those results separately.