A bunch more times not long since the last round of comments from me, so people must be getting going....

Christopher Coy- Café Du Monde- A nice hand crafted looking envelope and card contained a nice, if unconventionally framed, image. The motif of the fleur-du-lis ties in well with the New Orleans reference. The photo is of someone about to tuck into a breakfast or snack. The out of focus area in the background works well to highlight the crisp foreground elements. The inclusion of part of a person’s face establishes the activity. There is a good spread of tones from a suitably washed out upper corner leading down to the diagonally opposite detail-less shadow of the patron’s jacket. A niggling detail is the bright edge of light under the table. I think the image might have been a bit tighter if that part of the frame was cropped out. I found it tended to pull focus.

Delphine - Rainy Day. An abstracted flow of tones across what I interpret may be an iced over pane of a window. The area behind the diffusing surface shows us a pattern of somewhat random linear elements. These are all too many words to describe a photo that works well for me. Then there is ant neat idea to score the card and provide a note on the back to fold along the score to make the image into a free standing card. Well done.

George Nova Scotia - Shadows on Snow. A great eye for shadow patterns in everyday items has resulted in this delightful capture. A not too overcast and not too clear of a day gave the perfect time to interpret what I see as the base of a playground climber, casting shadows onto a trackless coating of snow. The kind of image only those who are up early or who are out to walk the dog see in my parts before little feet make their mark. Nice.

Jim O – Tampa Bay Sunshine Skyway sans sun. This is a scene worth recording; there are not a lot of these days from my time spent in this area. My parents had a mobile home just north of the Tropicana factory in a town called Palmetto. I like the minimalist placing of the horizon low, to give emphasis to the cloud formations. And nice detail in the clouds with contrast control – none are burned out, and the image tone overall is just right.

Kraker – Bustling or empty- A very nice view of a village square or high street devoid of people – oh, wait, it is a pinhole. Quite nice and sharp; the hole size must be optimized for the focal length you are attempting to emulate. Mine come out a bit muddier. Nice paper – shame it is gone to the past. I quite liked Brovira. Mailing in the envelope did the uncurling trick for my print- it has stayed flat since I took it out.

Ozphoto – Drew the Police Officer- Quite a nice portrait. If you pulled this off with studio lights you have done a great job emulating some light from the shop window kind of look.
If really shot with light from the shop window, you have handled the lighting very well, or were quite lucky. Sometimes my best shots come down to plain old luck.

Keep the greta images coming, people. It is always nicer to find postcards instead of bills and bank statements in my mail box after work.