Hey There,

I have a question about the effect of colored filters on red a red safelight. I used the word "unique" in the title so that people won't skip the post by thinking it's just another "will orange safelights fog "X" paper" type of question.

My father has a talent for stained glass and has proposed that he make a stained glass safelight enclosure for my darkroom. First he planned to use only red and maybe very dark orange glass but then asked if he could use any color glass for the enclosure. His idea is that we could put both red and white bulbs in the enclosure along with a toggle switch or independent switches so that I could still view the art when the regular lights are on. He thinks that as long as the red bulb is the only bulb on the emitted light will be safe (the white bulb would be off when enlarging). I am unsure but my knowledge on this is next to nothing. I am hoping to get some clarification here.

I'm basing my question on light charts like this (link). I understand that these charts are for the mixing of light and that my proposed safelight is different in that it would be a red light with filters (colored stained glass) used instead of actually mixing light that has already passed through a filter. Is there a difference? Will his idea work or am I rightful to question it? I know I could just try it out with scraps of colored glass held in front of a safelight-flashlight that I use but we live in different cities and I don't have any colored filters on hand to try it with. Thanks so much for any knowledge anyone can share. -Paul Cretini