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It seems to me that some people are spending too much energy trying to transform Wal-Mart into a custom photo lab. Film, my friends, is out of the mainstream -- the parade's gone by for it. One needs to adjust to the realities of the cold, cruel wrold.
Who in this thread is "trying to transform Wal-Mart?" Wal-Mart is what it is. Even if any one of use wanted to "transform" the largest retailer in the world I don't think even collectively we have the knowledge nor resources to accomplish such a task.

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So, the company that helped shut down the pro labs is now charging more than the pro labs that no longer exist? I feel so sorry for you guys.
Did you run a pro lab or speak to the owner of a pro lab recently? My local pro shop owner told me a very different story. He points the finger directly at digital. He never mentioned Walmart. As far as I know send out services of all kinds have existed my entire lifetime. For most of their existence they coexisted quite happily with pro labs. I frankly use both. If a pro uses Walmart for their film developing they deserve to go out of business. That would be insane. I can't imagine anyone that values their professional reputation doing that.

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Yea but if we could find a lab to process E-6 at .88 per 120 roll like some people claim, we could shoot TWICE as many rolls and still come out ahead, it would be wonderful!
I've never seen anyone on this forum make such a claim. Please post a link to the source of this claim so we can get in on that deal. The cheapest I've found is $4.88 (plus tax) for 220 roll of E-6. Sadly I can no longer obtain 220 rolls of E-6 at reasonable prices so the best I can muster at the moment is $4.88 (plus tax) roll for 120 E-6.