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+1 NO!

That's a pro pack of 5 rolls, $8 per roll. Totally affordable. When the discontinuance notice was made, I started stocking up from my local store. Now I'm going to buy some more from B&H! The price is only slightly more than Portra 800.

If you haven't tried it, then do so NOW. This stuff is good! When I was learning to shoot film, the 120 Kodachrome was available. This stuff is better than Kodachrome, and the processing is cheap.
When I can buy Provia100f for $25 ... why would I spend $40 for this is what I mean, it's too expensive in comparison... it's an example of kodak's prices being higher than everyone else's, the film can't be $15 per pack BETTER than Fuji, if the EPT is any indication, I absolutely LOVE the tones, but the grain is just awful, it's worse than HP5...