Well, it's true. The rumored 25% price increase for Fuji film is happening. I was the Yodobashi Camera film shop in Shinjuku yesterday and they already had the more expensive film with the redesigned box on the shelves for several types of film and were selling off their remaining old stock at the lower prices. I picked up a 5-pack of Velvia 50. It was priced at something like 2800 yen and the newer Velvia 50 was 3200 or 3400... Of course there is nothing actually new about it other than the price and the design of the packaging. So sad! I'm glad I stocked up on HP5+ and Arista when I was back in the U.S., but I still prefer Fuji reversal for landscape work so I guess I'll just have to bite the bullet. Apparently Fuji's price increases in the U.S. will be about 20% and won't take effect until July of this year.