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These old Cameras were probably placed on tables or other accessoires. Also outside.
for shutter time, I do a 1/30 with my old pentax me super with 50 mm lens, without precautions and get lucky in half of the shots.


I just read about the contact prints, indeed that makes sense.
I've pretty much decided that the one without a tripod socket is for Tri-X and the one with a socket is for Acros and PanF. I think they are a lot of fun! Not fancy but there is a kind of simple pleasure in using them. The one without the socket has a little lever built into the door so that you can trigger the shutter with your right hand while looking through the viewfinder, clearly for handheld use.. but it also has the little tab that lets you rest it on a desk in "portrait" orientation. I think you're right about tables, and that contact prints is right too. Makes sense.