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The repeated problems that I had with Dwaynes was dirty negatives for a while. They were able to improve on that by rpll after roll of film with explicit directions NOT to adjust the color, they would print the red rock as green rock because they thought that they knew better. That meant that I would have to pay to ship every thing back to be reprinted while they would kindly forgot to reimburse me for my postage.

The reimbursements, even though requested, I determined after many telephone calls to complain where ignored because those people in Kansas are illiterate. After I quit using them I wrote a strong letter and finally some of my additional postage was returned. They asked me to give them a chance and I told them that they had messed up so many times, that they did not deserve a second chance. They never got one either.

Well I have to say the ONLY thing they are good at is chemistry control, and printing from digital files you have color corrected yourself. That's it... NEVER have them scan images or print film ... they are just awful at it... truly I agree... just like I couldn't even describe how bad... haha

I've been to the lab, I've seen them, they are quite specific about the chemistry work they do, and the printing itself from files you send in with the MeridianPro software which is them...), but the rest, don't bother.