I just spotted this thread and still have a Miranda Sensorex II with 50mm f:1.4 and 300mm f:5.6 lenses which I bought used. The build quality of both the Soligor made lenses I have is excellent with smooth well damped focussing. Image quality with the 50mm in particular is excellent (I believe it uses rare-earth glass) and overall the Sensorex is an excellent user camera with a precision built feel and a lot of heft. It also has the benefit of interchangeable viewfinders and with metering using finders which were much more compact than the metering finders of Nikon F and F2. They managed this by mounting the meter cells behind the mirror. Oddly the metering has a bottom-weighted pattern. The only fault mine developed was a stuck follower needle in the viewfinder but then rare is the Nikon F Photomic with a working meter now and I prefer a hand-held meter anyway so it isn't a problem. The rest of the camera works perfectly with a quiet shutter and well damped mirror, all speeds being pretty accurate from the results I get. I think these 60s-70s Mirandas are very under-rated and cheap for what they offer - especially the EE models with selectable spot / centre weighted metering. It's a shame that the name was resurrected in the 80s by Cosina and cheapened.