Formula for Diafine
I was looking on line for the price of Diafine, but 1st I saw it for 1 qt of Accufine. I damn near fell out of my chair. Then I saw the price for 1qt of Diafine of ~$35 & I did fall out of my chair.
Next I picked up my copy of 'Film Developing Cookbook' looking for Diafine. So far as I can tell there were no Ethol or what the other company’s name is, formulas nor any mention of them nor any of their products.
Am I mistaken? Are they buried in there some where? Maybe if I looked in the 'Darkroom Cookbook', I'd find something. I doubt that I could save any $ by mixing my own, but, boy $35 got me to thinking. I shot a 35mm roll of Fuji B&W 1600 by accident instead of Fuji Color neg 1600. I would feel a lot safer w/ Diafine. it's near foolproof. If I lived in the City (San Francisco) I might be able to find a custom lab to soup it. But I don't want to make the drive.
Come to think of it, 140 miles round trip @ $.50 per mile makes it $70 dollars. Makes the $35 for Diafine not seem so bad.
BTW do Troop & Anchell have something against Ethol & their Ilk of developers?
Thanks. Jay Drew