Herzeleid: I think your bleach is doing it job. Printing-out might be tough due to the nature of film versus printing out paper [silver content], although I could be wrong. the method I use with a lot of success with (35mm Valca 3ASA Ortho film) is using a high strength developer like dektol or HC110 +soda until black|rinse|bleach 10-15 min|rinse +3 min|dry. Then instead of printing it out I use it in camera and then develop 2-3.5 min in same developer|rinse-stop|then fix as usual. Exposure time is about 1.5 min f/16 sunny day w/ a fast lens its under 10 seconds. As far as the UV filter goes I have to run some more tests. Although, I made a simple contact slide by placing a neg over the film and then contact printing it for two minutes w/ 40w tungsten at 30 centimeters away worked like a charm.