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The price increase already took effect in the US. I had a mix of Acros and Neopan 400 in my basket at B&H and when i came back to check out Acros had already a new higher price. Neopan 400 was still at the old price so that's what i bought. Acros will be there a little longer, Neopan 400 not so much.
Yea, I "bought" over the Passover holiday before the increase but the actual sale wouldn't take affect till after Passover and I knew that would be after the price increase, thankfully they kept the prices at the old price for my order...

I knew the increase was supposed to happen April 1st so I bought just before but forgot about Passover and how B&H is totally Jewish... Which is the dumbest thing since my GF is very Jewish and I still forget that B&H follows the same schedule she does haha


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