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Don't wanna rant. I changed it because the old name became synonymous with that sort of thing, IMO. So I got rid of anything Yahoo news was hammering me with, and came back on with a better attitude. The Yahoo mail page I had splattered your eyes with total lunacy. I can get that sort of thing from my wingding step sister. Hey--just laugh. And since you're an advertiser, I'll consider myself duly advised.
I guess my whole point is--enjoy your photography. Don't get too tied up in The Agenda to demonize yourself or the suppliers of these materials to become activists believing you're "destroying the earth". You're not, because you can't. This old world has miraculous ways of healing itself, and providing more.
You seem to be doing nothing BUT ranting... Haha

You're worse than me! And that's saying something

*Now back to your regularly scheduled forum*


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