I'm shooting up some slide film while I still can, but I have the freezer pretty well stocked already (mostly with Kodak since I missed out on stocking up on Astia) and I only shoot E6 in 35mm, so I can project it. In MF and LF I shoot B&W or color neg, and while I like Acros I can live just fine without it. In fact I could live just fine with only Ilford for B&W and Kodak for C41, for as long as the latter lasts.

Bottom line is, if it's worth it to you, use it. If it isn't, use something else. But Acros used to be about the least expensive name brand B&W film around (in 35mm and 120, paradoxically already one of the most expensive in 4x5) so I guess it's probably closer to comparable now.