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Thanks Stone. Good to hear a laugh. These eco-alarmists have made for a very tension-filled discourse. It's a militant religion. And good will and humor, geniality; is met with venom and yelling. They'll tear apart their own families over it. And it's so intellectually devoid. OK. enough. Enjoy the photography and damn the torpedoes.
My grandfather started and owned a Dry Cleaners for 40 years.

He dumped the used perc (perchlorethylene) behind the business for 40 years before he sold it, but still owned the property, went to sell the property only to discover the perk was now considered EPA's most wanted list of bad chemicals. At the time he started his business, the world had no idea that Perc was "bad for the environment" and yes we spent over 10 years and spent over $1,000,000 to clean it up. It's still not done but we've been released to a private cleanup company and out from under the government thumb.

But ya know what, it IS bad stuff, and back then when we had it, we didn't know.

What I encourage you to do is talk to John (Janannana [i can never remember how to spell his handle] on here) and learn about the dangers of all this stuff both for you and your family, and you might change your tune about the government being silly with its environmental laws.

Just because we got used to doing something stupid our whole lives (like pouring fixer down the drain) doesn't mean we have to continue just because we got used to being lazy.

Most towns will gladly take it from you, it's usually part of the taxes you pay, so take advantage of it.

Or talk to John about his silver recovery, you could actually make a few bucks off of it

Just my opinion, not a left wing but, just a concerned human.


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